Jamie Black is learning Advanced 2 Beat Weave from Play Poi

My online learning experience with Intermediate Poi.  After fending for myself for years with awkward online learning, I fell in love with this guy from Play Poi:

Watch my video of me in-practice.  
1. As a learner,
I found PlayPoi’s teaching methods very inviting and effective.  I attained the results I was looking for, and appreciated that it was a youtube video, so that I could go back to the video over and over again.
2. The orientation of the curriculum was a person standing in the centre of the screen with a lappel mic, poi that glow in the dark, on a porch in the dark.  I found this to be enticing, not only to learn, but also to get outside and practice.  I also liked that he includes a day of practice with fun and create intros and outros to make it more appealing.  I like that I can hear him clearly too!
3. Explicit, Implicit and Null
I believe it included explicit and direct teachings while he was very specific in exactly how he moved, and modelled from all directions.  I think the Implicit was when he just showed for a short while, and the Null, is when he allowed a day of practice.
4. As a music oriented, spacial, kinesthetic learner the presentation of this short and sweet lesson was perfect for me!  The only thing I would add is some inspiring music in the background (although that may distract from the lesson for others, I don’t know.)
5. The Designer’s perspective
I definitely think the designer considered the characteristics of the people who are accessing it, related to why a learner would come to the site.  It is called “Intermediate” on the site, which is exactly what I call myself. Because this is a series of sessions, it doesn’t explain a lot about this guy’s experience and knowledge, that is all posted on the website and other videos, which are easily accessed at http://www.playpoi.com
6. Structure of the Design
This is a hard one… I don’t know the name of structures that relate to this teaching style.  CAN ANYONE HELP HERE?
7. No Feedback, just learning
I did not submit anything I am learning into this instructor.  I am simply learning from youtube.  The feedback I gave myself by video recording myself was watching how I moved and compared it to his rotations and saw that I needed to make a change.
8. No request for feedback
Not specifically for this one clip, but they may have that somewhere else, and I’d be happy to offer feedback!

About Jamie Black

I use nature as a medium to inspire play and encourage body, mind and SOLE awareness.
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