A privilege to have lunch with a man who values parks… and has a wealth of knowledge, Paul Allison

Today I had the privilege of having lunch with Gardener, Lecturer, Presenter and Mentor, Paul Allison. I met him during our residency when he toured us around the gardens with such passion and love that made me want to literally eat what he said. 😀

Here is a quick visual of the research that Paul has done based on a conversation about parks and green spaces

Today, when he shared his presentations, and what he does, he suggested I look him up and see what he does.  He gives presentations about the health benefits of nature, parks and gardens, and is an advocate of Horticulture Therapy.

What inspired me about connecting with Mr. Allison today, was his honest and true passion for what he does.  Akin to me, he has a connection with nature, family and healing.  Hmmm.  some kind of kindred spirit I think.

In his presentation, he spoke of links to things like Forest Medicine.


This moves me to seek out local and recent research to further back the medicine of Nature.

In his video, Alan Locan says that it’s much harder to re-create a park from an urban setting, so let’s preserve what we have.   This is why I work in a park!

I have much to learn.

Thank you for your inspiration today Paul Allison!

“Something hidden…
go and find it!
Go and look behind the ranges.
Something lost behind the ranges.
Lost, and waiting for you.



About Jamie Black

I use nature as a medium to inspire play and encourage body, mind and SOLE awareness.
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