Seeking Corporate Sponsorship

Seeking Corporate Sponsorship is necessary these days! And is a skill that takes practice.

This post will slowly grow based on experience and sharing.  For now, it’s just steps and following other people’s advice… soon it will be filled with all sorts of goodness 🙂

Step 1: Create the pitch. Know what we are selling and what the options are. & Create a solid follow up plan before you start.

Step 2: Do the research, as proposed here:

Step 3: Seek our warm market, then the corporations that relate to us most, then maybe stretch beyond those

Step 4: Approach with style, like these guys say:

Powers Sponsorship 

Step 5: The Getaway, be graceful

Step 6: Follow up, acknowledge and report back


About Jamie Black

I use nature as a medium to inspire play and encourage body, mind and SOLE awareness.
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