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During the 2015-16 season, I am excited to be working on these youth and child programs.  For those of you looking for more information about what Jamie Black is up to… here are some links to the two projects, until the new http://www.wildcraftplay.com website is up and running:


Body Talk Program 2


Wild Craft Play sign


Thanks for reading my blog.  

As you may have already noticed, this blog is my universal way of sharing what I am learning, the resources I have found, and spark inquiry.

The types of people I anticipate reading this blog are bloggers, other masters students, friends, family and people interested in my content. Those who are seeking information about:

– Connecting with Nature

– Masters level writing about Environmental Education & Communication

– Life adventures and life lessons

– Real stories from real situations

– Guided Discovery

I hope that the content in this blog tickles your fancy and moves you to share it with others.

My name is Jamie Black

I use storytelling to craft wild play.

 I give Workshops and Presentations:

– A solution based workshop about Nature Based Leadership with reference to Richard Louv’s topic of Nature Deficit Disorder and more local research for tour operators, teachers and schools.

– An Experiencial Learning opportunity with a teaching/guiding model called Guided Discovery

Call for more info: 250-927-7923

or email: jamie@soleadventure.ca

Jamie Black’s Bio


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  1. kit says:

    You rock my socks!

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