This page is where people who are available to offer a service, resources, tricks and tools related to Guided Discovery or Coyote Mentoring are be listed.

Date Entered: Friday January 27, 2012

Name: Wes Gietz

Resource: Windwalker Programs
Comment: Great song, Jamie!  Nice little giggle at the end too.
Thank you for initiating this.  I look forward to connecting with people like you and sharing ideas and resources.  My particular interests and offerings are in the area of Coyote/Natural Mentoring and building self-regenerating communities.  I’m connected with the 8 Shields group and Jon Young’s community, and welcome contact from anyone else who is connected or interested.  I’m located in the Comox Valley, about halfway up Vancouver Island.

Date Entered: Friday January 20, 2012

Name: Jamie Black

Resource: Presenter / Facilitator
Website: Nature Based Leader Ship
Comment: I have decided to offer my expertise and facilitate a process of sharing, connecting people, and providing resources.  This is why I have created this blog site, and invite you to share your resources too.

One Response to Like-Minds

  1. Jamie Black says:

    More is coming soon!

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